If you are looking to tackle one of the following tasks at your home, this is the site for you! Some projects are more DIY-oriented than others, but all require a lot of knowledge and foresight in order to truly know what is a good deal and what is not. You need to be careful that unscrupulous contractors don’t try to snow you by under pricing the work or cutting corners and doing a poor quality job. This happens all the time. We want you to be fully prepared to confront these problems head on and get things on good solid footing right out of the blocks. The best way to do this is to know a lot more about the details of the work being performed than the contractor expects you to. They are often not prepared to get really tough questions from knowledgeable people. You will see right away if they are taken off guard or not. If so, this can be a sign you need to proceed with extra caution. If on the other hand they are happy to field the questions and jump right in with answers and ideas, you might start feeling better about them.

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In this site we will review a number of big, cumbersome jobs that need to be undertaken at our homes from time to time. The intent is threeefold:

First we want you to understand exactly what the job entails, including materials and labor challenges.

Second we want you to understand the environment around which the job is to be undertaken. You need to know what needs to happen you effectively get the work done. With this knowledge you can effectively ask questions and exchange ideas with the contractor.

Third you need to understand the rough costs of the materials and equipment involves and the amount of labor that will be required.

Armed with all this info, you ae really prepared to work with any contractor to find the best one for your job. So lets get started. We will examine four or five big home undertakings and cover all the above-mentioned points.

Interior and Exterior Painting

If you have a beaded hardboard or wood exterior on your home, it will need painting every 3 to 5 years. The sun causes paint to fade unevenly and makes the home look old and worn. A fresh coat of paint will bring back life to the home and increase your enjoyment of it.

The inside of the home will also need repainting from time to time. Not as often as the outside, but the inside takes a beating from kids playing and bumping into walls and trim, etc. So this will cover interiors as well.

You might also be considering getting the garage floor painted or even having the deck stained. All of these can add a lot of beauty to the home, increasing your enjoyment of it.

For starters, you should learn about different types of paint. There is flat, semi-gloss, and glossy. Plus you should understand the value of primer and when it should be used. Rather than go into a lot of detail about these things, we will point you to a site where you can learn about all these in a methodical, thorough manner. That site is Chesterfield Painters. Here you will learn all the things we have pointed out above. You should be fully prepared to undertake any of the projects we mentioned in addition to power washing.

Good luck with your project!

New Insulation

Less visible but no less important, new insulation will greatly enhance the comfort of your home in addition to lowering your electric bills. Old, falling down insulation can contribute to the inefficiency of the heating and cooling to make the home comfortable. Tearing out and removing the old insulation, or even installing new insulation over the old can add a great deal to keeping the hot and cold out.

But before diving into this you will want to understand about all the different types of insulation to know your options. You should inspect the attic and crawl space to determine what you are up against. You can have an expert come and determine how much, if any, is in your walls. Older homes and cottages sometimes have none at all in the walls. Some homes were not built to be lived in full time so corners were cut to get it up quickly.

So to understand all the options available for the insulation work, you should look at a site like Central Virginia Insulation to get a complete understanding of the types of insulation you could use as well as the costs and environmental implications of each. Once you are comfortable with the job at hand, call some contractors and get moving!


This is one of the more complicated additions to a home, not so much due to the complexity of the work as to the ridiculous number of options. Most of us think of siding ad wood, vinyl, to brick and that’s it. But there are really a dozen or more choices, each with huge implications and cost differences. You need to consider them all before deciding. It is a touch decision.

One of the considerations is the current appearance of the outside of the house. One or another kind of siding might fit better aesthetically with the existing structure. Or one might be something you have always wanted and will give you more satisfaction than others. Whatever. You need to first educate yourself on the choices. A good site to do this is Richmond Va Siding where you can find all kinds of information about siding.

Once you have determined the type you want, you can then learn about the complexities of installing it. This site will provide you with a ton of information about the ins and outs of each and every different type of siding. From there yo can determine a contractor that is proficient at that type helping to insure the best possible experience.

Septic Tank Pumping

Those in rural areas probably have septic systems and wells. These are basically free water and sewer, but they are not without their share of trouble. There are actually steps you can take to insure you get years of good use out of your septic before having to have it pumped and cleaned, but we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

Initially you need to gain an understanding of your septic system and how it works. Like all the other projects, this is key to getting the right contractor to come out and service yours. At Knee Deep Septic you can learn all the ins and outs of septic functionality. From there you will have a good understanding of how your system works so when the pumping company comes out, you will have a precise understanding of what the contractor is telling you. This is not really complicated work but requires very expensive trucks and equipment so knowing what you are getting into is always helpful.

Driveway Paving

Having a concrete driveway or patio added will give you many years of enjoyment, likely adding value and lasting till long after you have sold the home and moved on. Concrete laying is complicated work that requires a good understanding of weight load capabilities, ground characteristics, and other complex factors that go into having the concrete installed properly.

Only a very experienced contractor will do for this kind of work. Before getting into it, there are a few options you need to consider. Stained or stamped concrete is extremely beautiful and will add a ton of character to whatever job you are having done. A stamped patio is strikingly beautiful when done right. The Richmond Concrete Pros site offers a lot of really valuable information on the types of concrete available as well as details on things like stamping and staining.

Having studied this site, you should be prepared to talk to a couple concrete companies to learn about their offerings and to try to figure out what your best options are. A well schooled concrete installer can show you pictures and give you a good understanding of the offerings they provide and an idea of he costs.